Wonderful Hotel Rooms

I’m in Geneva, staying at the iconic Beau Rivage hotel right on Lake Geneva. And I’m thinking about Newfoundland.

I’d heard Zita Cobb give a talk about her work with Fogo Island Inn. She’d said, ”

I love a poem by the New Zealand poet Glen Colquhoun called The Art of Walking Upright. He writes, “The art of walking upright here/ is the art of using both feet./ One is for holding on./ One is for letting go.”
Fogo Island Inn is a beautiful place. See an article about Zita here
I’m sitting in Geneva, thinking about Fogo – and – the art of walking upright.
Beau Rivage has the art of walking upright. This beautiful and historic hotel celebrated it’s 150th anniversary last year – all that time being run as a boutique hotel, run by the same family. As the fifth generation now takes the helm of its management, I’ve thought about what it takes to keep a hotel successful over 150 years – with all the events and wars, hosting celebrities and politicians and power brokers, living through the assassination of Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) right outside their doors and continuing to have a foot in the past while reaching forward with the other foot. They have historic suites, with a suite dedicated to Sissi, and a museum that shows off their history. This year, they’ve pushed upwards to the sky, adding a new floor with duplex suites and a residence and more – and their owner has travelled the world to find antiques and pieces to bring into his home/ hotel. It’s impressive.
I’m off to ILTM (International Luxury Travel Mart) in Cannes tomorrow so before I change hotels, and gears, let’s focus on wonderful hotel rooms.
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Wonderful Rooms – Beau Rivage, Geneva
The Sissi Suite – named after Empress Elisabeth of Austria
I had a great stay at Beau Rivage. Here’s a tour of the Sissi suite.
Sissi Suite - Beau Rivage
Sissi Suite – Beau Rivage


Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland
Fogo Island Inn, by Innkeeper Zita Cobb
Visit this hotel in my home province of Newfoundland. You won’t be disappointed.
Wonderful Rooms – Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef
a wonderful spot to explore the GBR
I love this hotel. Watch. Let me know if you’d like to visit.
Wonderful Rooms – The Carlyle Hotel
uptown but not uptight
Visit this hotel . If you want, I may even be able to arrange a stay in Elaine Stritch’s room. (I have done recently for another client.)