Winterlude in Ottawa – Ice Sculptures & Beavertails

February can be a dreary month in Ottawa.

Thankfully, the nation’s capital has an annual festival that urges folks to have some winter fun. So, a grey snowy day didn’t discourage us from taking in a little Winterlude.

We headed to Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa to see the ice sculptures.



If you’ve ever seen the sculptures, you’ll know that Ottawa’s winter fest draws competitors from around the world.

How these masters of ice honed their craft is a wonder, but their works of art are beautiful.

But none is as beautiful as a bit of deep fried dough called a “Beavertail.”

Whether you like it with lemon, or just cinnamon and sugar.

Or are a little more adventuresome for maple butter….

there’s no disputing the joy of eating a sugar-topped beaver-tail shaped pastry.

If you haven’t taken in some of Winterlude yet, or had a beavertail, what are you waiting for?