Wills & Kate : April 29.11 – Wanna go to London to see the Queen?

I’m no giddy romantic. But on July 29th, 1981, I rose very early to watch Diana marry Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The pomp and circumstance was so intriguing to watch. Course, that stuff of fairytales unravelled to be a bit of a dark murder mystery kinda nightmare, but then again – I like those too! 🙂

But, this time is different, right?

Wills & Kate have known each other for years, they were friends first, they’ve done the trial separation thing, and Kate is no 20-year old shrinking violet who is walking into the Royal Firm totally unprepared.

This time’s for keeps….Right?

Well, right or wrong, and all jadedness to the side, both the media and the public are already lapping up the engagement announcement. And today comes the news that the wedding will take place on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

Right or wrong, I think folks are hungry for something to cheer for. It’s almost like we need an event to replace Diana’s funeral. 

Wanna go to London to see the Queen?



You can catch the current, and future, in one shot.

Me thinks London tourism has just taken off, big time!