Wanna see Mickey but Overwhelmed? Call Me!


So ….you want to see Mickey, but are feeling overwhelmed?  Call me!

I’ve been to Walt Disney World 20 times, and am just planning my family’s 21st trip. I’ve cruised onboard the Disney Fantasy. I’ve been to Disneyland. And, I’ve taken an Adventure by Disney trip to Ecuador and Galapagos. Whatever your Disney needs, I can help!

I’ve been to WDW when I was pregnant, with toddlers, with smaller kids, with tweens and now a teen. (That’s a pic of my daughter Ceili’s first haircut at the WDW barber shop – they do it up special with pixie dust!)

As someone who has been 20 times, I know the ins and outs, and can give you tips to help maximize your “return on life” as you take your family to WDW.

I help my clients unravel the mysteries that Mickey presents. I spend time understanding how your family travels, and take you through the various options onsite versus onsite hotels. There are 23 hotels on property, and they range from Disney’s version of a Best Western (like Pop Century), to Disney’s version of a Four Seasons (like the Grand Floridian).  There is a hotel and style that is right for your family.

People start to look at price, but that is not the only differentiation when it comes to picking a hotel. There’s a lot more difference between a Best Western and a Four Seasons than price; and so there is a lot more difference between a Pop Century and a Grand Floridian.

The room size and bedding is different, the level of service is different, and the location is especially different (do you want to catch a bus or a quick zip monorail to the parks).  And there are differences with respect to amenities, dining options, convenience of accessing the parks, and the recreation options.

Besides hotel choices, I help my clients understand ticketing pricing, meal plans, and transportation options. And, I assist them in making a customized itinerary for their visit to the parks, and make some dining reservations for them.

So – call me for a complimentary consultation call about how I can help you orchestrate your Disney travel dreams!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran