Visit Orlando – Disney's Free Dining Still On

You can’t think about family without thinking about Orlando. It’s been a horrific week for them. Orlando has always been
 my home away from home. I’ve been to Walt Disney World 25 times, and getting off the plane in MCO has always made me smile and giggle with excitement. So, the events in Orlando this past week have left me, and the rest of the world, horrified for the hate and the loss of innocents.
As the scores of 49 families grieve their loss, and bury their loved ones, let’s take a moment to cherish the presence of those with whom we spend our days.

The murder of a talented young singer by a crazed fan, and the death of a beautiful 2 year old boy snatched from his family by a gator, only heightened the mourning and shock in Orlando.  Please consider showing your support in the best way possible – go visit Orlando. Support them with your tourist dollars.
Disney’s free dining is still on until August 31, 2016 for new bookings, with  arrival window: Aug. 14-Oct. 1, 2016, Nov. 15-21, Nov. 26-28 and Dec. 10-21, 2016 . Some families may be nervous about traveling to Disney, but this is the company that pulled 30,000+ fridges from all resorts when one had a fire a couple of years ago. Disney is acting swiftly to build fences and put up signs, and more security measures will follow. (See here .)
Contact me if you’d like to get away!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran