Vision 2000 Travel@Home – An Eye on the Future with Lynda Sinclair

Today, I celebrate my first quarter as an independent contractor with the Vision 2000 Travel Group. It’s been a terrific 3 months, filled with scads of fun bookings, terrific amenities for clients coming from Vision’s affiliation with Virtuoso, new friends, new systems, and just settling in to my new home. Vision has welcomed me with open arms, and it’s been just awesome.  I’ve got my eye on the future, and 2011 is going to be a fabulous year now!  Especially now!

Today also marks the launch of Vision2000 Travel@Home.  And, joy upon joys, the new division will be headed up by my dear friend, Lynda Sinclair.

There’ll be lots of formal announcements coming in the next weeks, I’m sure. There’ll be even more advantages to my clients, and the Canadian travel world is going to have their socks knocked off by all the terrific independent contractors that are starting to move over to Vision. (Proud as punch that many of them I already count as friends.)

If you’re thinking you want to learn more about the program, contact Lynda Sinclair, Manager Vision2000 Travel@Home ( or Stephanie Anevich, EVP Product Marketing and Leisure Travel (

Come on 2011.  Vision has an eye on the future!