Virtuoso Voyager Club – Complimentary VIP'ing for Virtuoso Clients

Virtuoso Voyager Club is more than just a loyalty program for clients of Virtuoso Travel Advisors (like me!)



I was a Virtuoso Voyager Club host on a Seabourn cruise this past December. What a wonderful experience for me to see up close and personal how special this “club” is for Virtuoso cruise clients.

This private travel “club” focuses on the social aspects of cruising, providing value-added amenities.

vvc 1


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There are hundreds of Virtuoso Voyager Club sailings in 2014 on 7 different cruise lines.

Virtuoso Voyager Club guests get the following amenities:

1. Personal onboard host

2. Private onboard welcome reception/ cocktail party

3. and a choice of 4 amenities listed here:

Of course, choosing the custom credit option gives some other special ideas/ choices too.

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vvc 7

and….. Virtuoso also finds other ways to VIP cruise clients of Virtuoso advisors – you can be VIP’ed even if a sailing hasn’t been designated a Virtuoso Voyager Club sailing. There are plenty of value-added amenities for Virtuoso cruise guests.

Contact me for more details!  Let me VIP you!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran


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