Using a Travel Advisor to VIsit Disney

Using a Travel Advisor for Disney
Vising The Big Mouse Can Overwhelm You

With the recent announcement of the the “free dining” promo being offered again this year, my phone has been ringing. I’m helping oodles of clients plan their getaways to visit Mickey Mouse.
Answering the question as to which resort is right for you, what dining plan, what ticket combo, etc etc can quickly get overwhelming. Throw in the new set up for fast passes, with my disney experience, and it can be enough to make your head spin.
Rest easy. Call me!
Here’s a blog link explaining what I do:
Here’s a sampling of what I do for clients with just helping you discover whether it’s better to stay onsite versus off site.

Perks of staying on property - Walt Disney World Resort
Perks of staying on property – Walt Disney World Resort

We can look at resorts like these two onsite (or others):

Disney's Beach Club Resort
Disney’s Beach Club Resort


Royal Guest Room at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside
Royal Guest Room at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside


Or offsite at a fab Virtuoso partner like Waldorf Orlando.


The Waldorf Astoria - Orlando Florida
The Waldorf Astoria – Orlando Florida



How can I help you live your lush life, and create some fantastic travel experiences and memories. Contact me!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran