Unusual Travel

I was working on a trip for a client onboard U by Uniworld’s Tattoo-themed cruise next month (see more info below), and it got me thinking about unusual travel destinations and/or unusual travel modes. Certainly, a tattoo-themed river cruise ticks a lot of boxes if you’re looking for “unusual travel destinations” . (When I first heard about it, I called my VP of Uniworld, Michelle Palma, and wasn’t sure whether it was really cool or really quirky. Of course, it all depends on your perspective. Can you tell that I don’t have tattoos?)

Queue the Tom Jone’s “It’s not unusual” theme song.

U by Uniworld is all about being different than regular river cruising – so why not attract a crowd of folks who love tattoos and want to travel with others who like them too. U by Uniworld is also doing a drag-themed river cruise this week.

But all of the unusual thinking put me in the frame of mind of ‘what’s the most unusual thing you’ve booked for clients’ and/or ‘what’s the most unusual travel that’s starting to get some traction.’ And, besides tattoo and drag-themed river cruises, it didn’t take but a moment to find several examples of what I’d frame as ‘unusual’ – at least to me.

Here’s a couple of spots I’ll list by either destination (unusual spots) or mode of travel. Let me know if any of them pique your interests.


Unusual Destinations that I can book for my clients:

  1. Intrepid does a multi-stan adventure trip – you can enjoy a unique exploration of Central Asia, across the vast nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan https://www.intrepidtravel.com/ca/kazakhstan/multi-stan-adventure-astana-tashkent-122870
  2. Exodus does a Simien Mountain trek through Ethiopia – the dramatic skyline of peaks and jagged volcanic plugs which tower over the highland plateaux of the Simien Mountains compete with rugged gorges and deep gullies to form what is, arguably, the most awe-inspiring landscape in Africa.- https://www.exodustravels.com/ca/ethiopia-holidays/walking-trekking/simien-mountains-trek/tye?flights=excluded
  3. On the Go does a Poland and Baltic Discovery – discover the amazing highlights of Poland and the three Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. On this 13 day tour travelling from Krakow to Tallinn you’ll explore beautiful churches, captivating castles and gorgeous old towns https://www.onthegotours.com/Poland/Poland-and-Baltic-Discovery-13-Days
  4. Lindblad Expeditions allows you to follow in the path of early Polynesian navigators on an epic voyage from the aquamarine atolls of the Tuamotu Islands to the lush volcanic peaks of the mysterious Marquesas, where you’ll visit some of the most remote and compelling sites in the far reaches of French Polynesia. https://www.expeditions.com/destinations/southeast-asia-and-pacific/south-pacific/itineraries/tahiti-to-hawaii/overview/
  5. Natural Habitat takes you to the wilds of Borneo with organutans and beyond https://www.nathab.com/asia-adventure-travel/the-natural-wonders-of-borneo/


And here are some unusual modes of travel that I can book for my clients:


You want unusual? I got you covered!