Travel to South Pacific, Australia, & New Zealand

This past week, I hosted a talk about travel to the South Pacific islands, including Australia and New Zealand with my Travel 2 partner, Leia Marvin. That inspiration of the meeting with Leia was fantastic.

Leia is such a passionate supporter of everything to do with the South Pacific. She’s worked with Quantas Airlines, AAT Tour operator, Goway, and now heads up the travel agency shop of Travel 2 – she has over 18 years of experience in working in the area of the South Pacific, from every side of the travel world. I could have no greater partner to help me with your bucket list trip to the South Pacific Islands, including Australia and New Zealand, than Leia Marvin. So, if you’d like to explore what is right for you and yours to get down under, let me know if you’d like to set up a consultation call with Leia and I to go over your ultimate wish list trip.
And here’s a little dreaming material for you to help you get started! Ultimate Travel Wish List for the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. (And there’s more below to whet your appetite too!)
And here is their consumer e-brochure to help with other ideas for your bucket list.
Book a holiday with me to the South Pacific before Nov.30th, and I have this great incentive for you.

Some other travel ideas for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

New Zealand North Island Explorer  
12 Days –
Explore New Zealand’s northern heartland, from the secluded beaches of the coast to the volcanic craters of the central plateau, on this North Island Explorer trip. Adventure activities abound here – why not go sea kayaking or snorkelling on our Bay of Islands adventure cruise, underground black-water rafting in Waitomo, bungee jumping and jet boating at Taupo or mountain biking and kayaking in Nelson. Whatever your interest, this small group adventure offers the perfect combination of incredible sights and thrilling activities.
Australia – Earthwatch Wildlife of Rainforest 
7 Days
Looking for a holiday with a difference? Immerse yourself in the magic of the rainforest on this week-long Earthwatch Rainforest Expedition in Northern Queensland. Partake in data collection, surveying and other fieldwork with like-minded people in one of the most remarkable natural settings in the world. Learn all about the local flora and fauna and how climate change is impacting this delicate ecosystem, be dazzled by the beauty of the surrounds and feel humbled contributing to this truly worthy project.
Papua, New Guinea – Mask Festival 
9 days 
You’ve heard it here first: there’s a lot more to Papua New Guinea than the Kokoda Trek. Not only is Australia’s closest neighbour one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries, it’s one of its least explored and understood. A famously crabby geography is largely to thank for these distinctions. Rivers, valleys, gorges, mountains, volcanoes, lagoons and inlets carve up the country like its nobody’s business, making for an environment where different cultures have been able to develop in virtual isolation from each other – not to mention the outside world. For the visitor, the most striking evocation of this comes in the form of a traditional ceremony. And this trip, designed to get you into the guts of rural PNG, takes in some of the best. Sign up for this one-off expedition trip and you’ll catch the reenacted canoe landing that kicks off the Kinavai Ceremony, see the vibrant masks and costumes of the Rabaul Mask Festival and watch grown men dance through flames at the Baining Fire Dance. Encounter local village life in Matupit Island, visit war relics in Kokopo Town and take to boat for a cruise around the Duke of York Islands. With only one set departure for the year, this trip certainly isn’t one for the masses.
Here are my top 5 VAST trips that I’m highlighting this week.
1. Lindblad Expeditions Fiji to the Cook Islands
3. Swain Tours Discover Tasmania
5. Lindblad Expeditions Tahiti to Easter Island
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Sheila Gallant-Halloran