Travel Solo

Have you ever traveled solo? Would you like to?
There are many reasons to travel solo. It’s a form of therapy for many – being away from responsibilities, having time for self-reflection, and carving out space for your interests. For others, they either have recently separated/ divorced/ lost a partner, or they don’t have one – others are tired of waiting for their partner to travel. But, there’s a new trend too. Turns out most travel solo for the sheer pleasure of it. And – women are leading the way.
Statistics shared by the Solo Travel Society (with over 130 K female fans) and a survey found that 65% of US women are taking vacations without their partner.
Women are traveling because of life changes and/or they don’t have a partner….. but…. they are also traveling solo just because!
According to a survey of females in the the Solo Travel Society , women indicate they travel solo for the following reasons:
– 46% said freedom, independence and the chance to do what they want when they want
– 22% said they weren’t willing to wait around for others
– 15% said to challenge themselves and gain confidence.
Solo Travel let’s you go travel your way.
Most who travel solo don’t want to be completely on their own (although I do have partners whom I can work with if this is your preferred mode of travel). Most want the comfort of having a known and trusted travel supplier put the entire trip together for them – whether it’s a foodie tour of Spain, a bike tour of California wine country, or a wellness cruise to Baja. It used to be that folks wishing to travel that way had to pay huge solo supplements (paying for two people when only one was going) and there are many who still do – but – part of what I do is track the different supplier partners who have offers with reduced or waived solo supplement. I also track supplier partners who offer to pair up folks willing to have a roommate, so they can share the expenses.
I hold solo travel meetings for folks looking to travel, but who don’t want to travel alone. This coming Wednesday, July 11th is the next meeting for “Travel as a Solo Lady, But NOT Alone” at Heart & Crown in the Byward Market Ottawa at 6:30 pm. If it interests you, and you’d like to attend, please shoot me an email at or 613-837-0699.
Can’t make it – or – maybe you’re a guy looking for similar info? No worries. Shoot me an email, and I’ll share the follow up detail with you.
And – ask me for some sample trips that are good for solos or couples.
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