Travel Solo, Never Alone

Tomorrow, I’m hosting On the Go Tours to share what’s new with their solo traveler program – travel solo, never alone.

On the Go has always had a roommate program, as well as a ‘your own room’ option. But now they are also offering your own room at no extra charge on specific tours and dates.

Solo travelers come in all shapes, sizes, and from all walks of life. Some have no travel partner – either because of divorce, death, or life circumstances or choices. Some have a travel partner who cannot/ will no travel – we don’t always have the same money, time, and ability to take a break from responsibilities at the same time. Some have a partner but want a break and/or explore their own interests, before coming back together. And there’s something for everyone.

But traveling solo is far from traveling alone.

Travelling by yourself can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Especially in non-English-speaking countries and places with a high culture shock factor. That’s where group tours are a saviour. Being part of an organised group provides security and peace of mind when traveling. And with On the Go’s award-winning group tours, you have the perfect choice if you’re traveling solo.

I work with On the Go, and together, we handle all the travel arrangements for you – with an expert tour guide on hand when you travel to provide help and advice. Joining other solo travelers, you won’t be traveling alone. And you may even make long-lasting friendships along the way. So come check out some of the tours.

Join us to learn more! (And yes – solo and couples/ friends are welcomed to learn about On the Go in general!)