Travel in Like Company

It’s important to keep in mind that you should always “travel in like company.” If you like Tauck’s style of travel, you should travel with them. If you like foodie travel, you should travel with a company that focuses on foodie tours. If you want sun and sand, you should travel to the best sun and sand. You should “travel in like company,’ and you should work with a travel advisor, like me, who works with clients. like you. to get the vacation that’s right for you.
The Tauck event held in Toronto this week was great. And the show offer that emanated from that gathering is one I can happily extend to all of my valued clients, regardless on whether you were able to attend in person. More details on the offer below (and it’s a very rich offer, so if you’re thinking of traveling with Tauck over the next year or two, let’s chat!) See Tauck offer
I’d mentioned in last week’s ezine how much I really do love working with Tauck. I am a certified Tauck advisor, so that means something to me.  
See last week’s article here. Tauck is really the best at what they do, and they value the client’s experience. I had an issue arise with clients last week. First up, let me say that issues ALWAYS arise in travel. I spend probably a quarter of my week dealing with client issues that arise when they travel (which is why you should always work with a travel advisor, and have someone who is advocating on your behalf.)  But when I work with a company like Tauck, there are rarely issues. And if and when issues do arise, Tauck deals with them quickly, and they always put the client’s experience first. They did that last week too. To me, the hallmark of a high quality travel supplier is how they address issues. And, Tauck is indeed the highest of the high.
I love that Tauck stresses that you should always  “travel in like company.” I will never put someone on a Tauck trip if I don’t believe it is the right company for you. but, that’s part of what I do as a travel advisor – making sure I match you with the right company, tour, river cruise, guides, etc.
I am your travel ‘master chef’ – so I pick the ‘ingredients’ (i.e., cruise, tour, guides, etc) from my ‘kitchen’ (travel partners) to make the right ‘meal’ (travel experience) for you. So, part of my relationship and discussions with clients is figuring out what’s right for you – and sometimes, that means what’s right for you, right now. Sometimes, you’ll take a Regent cruise, and the next time a Royal Caribbean. Sometimes, you’ll do a Big Five bespoke trip to Africa, and sometimes you’ll do an Exodus group trip. You’re not stuck with a particular style of travel.

We all have preferences, but, it’s what’s right for you, right now.

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Remember the 4 A’s I promise if you work with me? Advice, Access, Accountability, and Advocacy. See blog article .
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