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I thought I’d share some of the wonderful things I’d learned about “travel different” at Virtuoso Travel Week.
I’ve done client presentations about “travel different.” I’m sure you remember Steve Jobs at Apple encouraging people to “think different.” It wasn’t think differently. It was think different. Think big. Think outside of the box. Think different.
The same is true for travel. Don’t plan your travel by waiting until 2 weeks before March break (or whatever your holiday period is) by playing Russian Roulette with whatever Expedia or Sunwing or whomever can offer at a low price. (Of course, if you’re my client, hopefully you’re already aware of those pitfalls. If not, call me for a chat.)  Don’t keep doing the same resorts with sun and sand. Travel big. Travel active. Travel Different 
Want some inspiration? Have a looksee at what I was up to at Vegas at Virtuoso Travel Week (my 7th year in a row attending) – it’s the most exhausting and exhilarating week of my year, and the most important in terms of growing my business and making connections. And – I’m researching holidays for you!.
Here’s a quick snip of me at the tables, speed-dating with 300+ suppliers (hoteliers, cruise lines, tour operators, destination management companies, etc) making personal one-on-one connections so that I can leverage that personal connection for your travels.
speed-dating at Virtuoso Travel Week
speed-dating at Virtuoso Travel Week
Want to understand how it works, and how I can leverage the relationships made there for your benefit and your travels? Watch.
Here’s a quick interview with Natural Habitat about their incredible trip to Madagascar with Corinn Lacombe.
Madagascar with Natural Habitat
Madagascar with Natural Habitat
Want to do the Inside Passage, and want a really special expedition trip? A&K expeditions has a wonderful trip that starts out of Montreal. Here’s a snippet with Bob Simpson, head of A&K Expeditions.
Bob Simpson of A&K Expeditions
Bob Simpson of A&K Expeditions
And how about the Cowgirl Spring Round Up that will be held at the Resort at Paws Up this April in Montana. Haven’t you always wanted to do a cattle drive? But still sleep in a luxurious cabin with fine dining at night? You can! Watch. (This weekend is for ladies only. But don’t worry – they have mixed weeks, and men only too.)
It was an incredible week, and I’m still on a high from all the learning.
Let me know if you’d like to learn more about any of these travel ideas.
So – where are you dreaming of going next? Let me know if I can help you go!
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