Travel Advisors in a Digital Age

This week, I was honoured to have been invited by Ottawa’s much-loved TV host, Carol Anne Meehan, to be interviewed on her new radio show on 1310.
I’m a very proud supporter and fan of Carol Anne Meehan, and most especially her re-emergence this year.
Perhaps those from Ottawa don’t know her story well. Carol Anne was a fixture on Ottawa’s CTV News, with Max Keeping since 1989. Max died of cancer in 2015, but neither viewers, nor Carol Anne herself, had been prepared to lose the second anchor last year. You can read a bit here about Carol Anne’s getting unceremoniously dumped by CTV last November when they tv station made major cuts. Her lay off was big news. She was much-loved. There was much anger. There were petitions.
CBC News interviewed her and there was much other coverage too.
I got to know Carol Anne a bit from “Ladies Who Lunch,” a local Ottawa women’s networking group. We were at the same “Waterfront” series last January. I met her a couple of times after that. So, I was absolutely thrilled when she first embraced blogging to continue to tell the local stories of the people in Ottawa. I was even more thrilled when she found a new home on 1310 radio. See
Life can be tough. We all get knocked down at different points. But I love the story of the phoenix. The phoenix crashes and burns, but rises from its ashes, stronger and more brilliant than before. We all need to be phoenix-like.
I love the strength and resilience strong women show when they unexpectedly hit a brick wall, dust themselves off, and get up again. Go, Carol Anne, go! You inspire us all.
So, when Carol Anne’s producer, Erin Lannan, gave me a call this past Tuesday, and asked me to come on the air with Carol Anne to talk about whether there was a role for a travel agent in today’s digital world, I was there! In a heartbeat!
Is there a role for a travel agent (or, as I prefer, a travel advisor) in today’s digital age? Of course, there is!  And I was thrilled to spend almost 10 full minutes talking with Carol Anne about what I do and how I work.
Got 10 minutes?  Give it a listen. (Yes, she really did spend 10 minutes talking with me. I was thrilled!) I’m immediately after the first commercial break.
And do me a favour, please – if you listen, let me know. Let me know what you think of my first appearance on the radio airwaves.  I think I pretty well (especially considering that I only had about an hour and a half notice, and I didn’t know the questions in advance.)  But then again, it’s easy to share your passion for a job you love.
If you have any questions, please give me a call. I would love to be your travel masterchef!
Best regards,