Three Things You Can Do to Help the Caribbean

I was pleased to have the opportunity/ microphone today with 1310 NEWS‘ Carol Anne Meehan to ask Ottawans for continued support for our friends in the Caribbean. (My interview begins at 12:50 – give it a listen…/carol-anne-meehan-show…/ )

Obviously, I am working with all my travel partners to answer questions, carefully monitor the situation, and make sure everyone is safe. Here is the latest situation report

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Since 2017 has been named the United Nation’s Year of sustainable tourism development, it’s time to harness some positive energy from Irma’s wrath. Let’s #travelenjoyrespect. Let’s honour sustainable tourism development. Let’s remember all of these people and these islands/ communities are resilient.

They will rebuild. Some will need a little more time than others before they’ll welcome you back with open arms; but they will rise again. We must ensure first that those needing food, water, and shelter are cared for; and then ensure that their homes are rebuilt – but – we’ll also need to help ensure they have a revenue stream in the future. Your tourism dollars still must continue to flow in.

In 1950, there were 25 million international travelers each year. In 2016, there were 1.2 billion. In 2016, 3 million travelers crossed international borders every day. Global tourism is important to all economies, and much of the Caribbean relies on tourism dollars.

So – do you wanna help? You can:


1. Donate! Please give to spots like,


2. Travel to affected spots as soon as is safe (as tourism departments, governments, and my travel partners will advise) and you’re able. The heavily affected areas (like Barbuda, St. Martin, and St. Thomas) will need longer time to recover. Other areas like Anguilla, Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, T&C are a little less severely hit, but still significantly damaged, and must rebuild. Areas in the Keys and Naples in Florida will need some time , but all Florida airports (FLL, JAX, MIA, MCO, MLB, PBI, RSW, TPA) are open today. WDW is back open today. The Florida hotels I know are working to ensure they have power, clean up damage, and ensure they can care for guests (as soon as this Friday for Miami area). They want and need you as guests.



3. Other than donating, and helping support the very heavily affected areas, please remember the Caribbean is huge. Go visit affected areas when you can; but please don’t forget the other areas of the Caribbean in the interim. There are still vast areas unaffected. Visit Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba, Mexico, and even Colombia and Belize. Visit areas who can recover quickly next. And plan a visit to the hardest hit areas too. Your tourism dollars are needed for all of these areas to survive, and thrive. Don’t stay home.

Remember, you’re one of the 3 million travelers who cross international borders every day.

Just keep crossing borders into the Caribbean!

(No time to read now? Email me at , and I’ll email you a copy to read later.)


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