Thoughts on the Power of One – Ottawa Shooting

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Wednesday morning started like any other in Ottawa. A slightly overcast, but pretty autumn day that had me attending my eight year old’s school presentation about the “power of one.” The positivity and optimism of how one individual can make the world better was soon juxtaposed against crushing news about how one individual can turn our world upside down. Minutes after leaving the grade 3 students’ inspiring talks, I learned of the shooting at the war memorial, and the attack on Parliament Hill. Soon, my husband’s work, and my two daughters’ school entered a secure lock down, cell phones in the down town core were blocked, social media erupted with truths and half-truths about the ongoing risk to Ottawans,my relatives from around the country reached out, and we all held our breath for what would come next. And while things could have turned out much worst than they had, we all still mourn what did happen.

It’ll take some time to process everything, and the entire country is still recovering, and learning what the new “normal” will be in Ottawa. But, I choose to return to the positivity of the “power of one” from my eight year old’s class. Two heroes’ actions will be forever etched in memories of Canadians. The first is Sargeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, who took down the shooter (see the details here . And the second is passerby Barbara Winters, who attended to the dying Cpl Nathan Cirillo (reminding me of the nurse who’d attended my Dad, when he lay dying at motor vehicle accident.) Barbara kept telling Cpl Cirillo that he was loved, that he was brave, and that he was a good man. (See details here and ).

With the heroic actions of Sargeant Vickers, and Ms. Winters, let’s pause to focus on everything that is good and right about Canada,

In that spirit, this week the focus is on the Canadian spirit – and the true north strong and free. My top 3 active trips will feature moderate and luxury trips for the Canada and the Arctic. And I’ll continue the theme with my top 5 VAST (Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel) partner ideas as well.

Have a great week. And, let’s let Sargeant Vickers and Ms Winters remind us all of the goodness in the power of one!
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