The Polar Express

I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas.

We had a fantastic time with family.  It sure was odd without any snow here in Ottawa. It was 17 Celsius on Christmas Eve.  Certainly not a White Christmas this year!
But, that didn’t mean we didn’t follow our traditions. We certainly watched the movie “The Polar Express” on Christmas Eve. Did you? 
Watching a movie about visiting the North Pole must’ve been contagious. I’m getting queries about Arctic and Antarctic trips this week. (Or maybe it’s the lack of seasonable temperatures this year that has folks thinking about going up north north, or south south. Who knows?)
So, let’s have a look at some specialty trips to the Arctic, the Antarctic, and some to areas in between.
I do know that specialty trips, such as the one I was looking at for a client to Antarctica with Lindblad for 2017, book far in advance. If you’re thinking of a bucket list trip such as going to see the penguins, let’s get it booked soon!  You don’t want to be disappointed!
If you’re interested in visiting Canada’s Arctic, I’m hosting a special presentation with Arctic Kingdom at Eddie Bauer’s Rideau store on Feb.11th, featuring long-weekend getaways from Ottawa in particular (more info below).
Give me a call at 613-837-0699, or shoot me an email at,  and we can strike a time to get you on your own polar express!
All the best of the season to you, and happy 2016!
Arctic Weekend Getaway
Various Dates from Ottawa 
If you’re short on time or simply want to get a taste for the Arctic, Arctic Kingdom’s weekend getaways deliver days full of fun and excitement.

break-the-ice-arctic-getaway-iqaluitIqaluit, the capital of Nunavut and “Canada’s Coolest City”, is the perfect destination for an Arctic getaway. This dynamic city offers an array of delights for all travelers, including cultural and historical attractions, fun and exciting activities for all ages, and a variety of outdoor adventures.

Art and music lovers will appreciate the variety of arts and crafts created by a plethora of local artists as well as the many art, culture, and music festivals held throughout the year. With its close proximity to beautiful parklands and a range of striking landscapes, Iqaluit also offers photographers and nature and wildlife enthusiasts spectacular vistas and stunning panoramic views. Active travelers and adrenaline junkies will certainly revel in the variety of outdoor activities available, including dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, igloo building, cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking, diving, fishing, ATV adventures, and more. With its intriguing Inuit culture, striking environment, and access to some of Canada’s most picturesque parks, an Arctic getaway in Iqaluit truly offers something of interest for every visitor.
The Arctic Kingdom Weekend Getaway allows you the opportunity to make your Arctic dream come true at an amazing deal. For less than the price of regular standard airfare, this exclusive Arctic getaway will give you a taste of the true Arctic, above the tree line. Take advantage of an included Iqaluit city tour and orientation, with independent time to take in the sights at your leisure. Or make the most of your break with an array of fun and exciting optional activities. Accessible, family friendly, and affordable, our Arctic Weekend Getaway packages are the best way to sample one of the last travel frontiers.
2016 Dates

3 days/2 nights -Every Friday to Sunday – Feb to end of October 2016 4 days/3 nights – Every Friday to Monday – February to end of October 2016
2016 3 days / 2 nights Price

Adult: CDN $1299 (plus taxes and fees of CDN $346.33), based on double occupancy
Greenland and Wild Labrador
June 29, 2016 
This extraordinary sailing showcases staggering geographic diversity, departing the rocky narrows of St. John’s harbour and heading north along the coast of Newfoundland. We’ll explore islands and inlets in Notre Dame Bay and stop at L’Anse aux Meadows to pay our respects to North America’s Viking visitors before leaving Newfoundland behind and pressing on to Labrador. 

Canadian GeographicOnce there, we’ll travel to dazzling, rocky coastlines and call at immense beaches and long-abandoned communities. We’ll visit Hopedale, the seat of the Nunatsiavut government, as we move further north, and eventually will find our way into the stunning fjords of the Torngat Mountains National Park. In the park, mountains will tower above us as the azure waters mark our passage below; we will be scanning the horizon for icebergs, whales, polar bears, and seals. Labrador has to be seen to be believed-and we will do more than see it, as we head ashore on daily Zodiac expeditions to hike the secret wilds of Canada’s hidden coast.

We then turn east and ever northward, crossing the Davis Strait en route to Greenland. Once there, we will explore the world’s northernmost capital city and plumb the many fjords for which the western coast is famed. We’ll drop in on small coastal communities and Zodiac cruise at the foot of an immense glacier. Our journey ends as we sail into Kangerlussuaq at the head of Sondre Stromfjord, nestled against one of the world’s largest ice caps.

Priced from $4995 p.p., land only
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands
24 days – Nov.26, 2016 (Other dates available) 
The ultimate Southern Ocean experience, this expedition takes you into majestically spectacular wildness. Not even the vast migrations of Africa can rival the awesomeness of seeing a king penguin colony of tens of thousands individuals stretching as far as the eye can see. Or albatross colonies that fill the windward edges of the remote islands they call home. You’ll have other rare sightings here too: massive, in both senses of the word, herds of elephant seals: and a wandering albatross stretching its 11-foot wings.  It’s the impossible beauty of Antarctica exponentially increased by unimaginable numbers of animals. A not-be-missed polar experience, for those with the luxury of time.
For most travelers, visiting Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, for those with the luxury of time, optimizing your time and interest by including South Georgia and the Falklands makes sense. And makes for a genuine experience-of-a-lifetime
Priced beginning at $22,430 usd p.p., assuming double (cruise only).
1. Lindblad Expeditions  Newfoundland Circumnavigation Cruise
2. Lindblad Expeditions  Iceland Land & Sea
3. Lindblad Expeditions  Journey to Antarctica
4. Quark Expeditions Fly the Drake
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