The Lion King

The Lion King

My family just took in the remake of Disney’s “The Lion King.” I’d read some mixed reviews before hand. (Why mess with the perfection of the animation? Scar doesn’t look the same. Beyonce rules.) So, I entered the theatre feeling a little apprehensive that I would ruin memories. After all, “The Lion King” is a much loved family classic in our home. However, my worries had been wasted. The new “The Lion King” is wonderful.

The new movie certainly pays homage and respect to the original, and the original songs. But the “live” animal CGI effects are wonderful. Disney has really knocked it out of the park with this movie. Because even with the retelling of a familiar tale, this new movie feels like it’s taking you on a slightly different journey than the original. We are not visiting the cartoon version of Africa. This time it feels like we’re in Africa.

One of my travel partners, Micato Safaris, has been counting down the release of this movie with their marketing. And after seeing this movie, I understand why they’ve paired their marketing with the release of this movie. “The Lion King” is terrific, and it certainly makes you want to visit the plains. Anqd Beyonce’s new Spirit song is going to take off, you can just feel it. (Queue Beyonce. And – queue the Toto song. “Africa” – which you already know!)

There are so many ways to explore Africa. My partners at G Adventures certainly have many trips – everything from Morocco to South Africa to Namibia. And many different styles – from hiking to cycling to small group touring. G Adventures would have the National Geographic Journey trips to the classic style to the active style,etc – if you want to travel with a small group on a moderately priced trip, this may be for you. And, I just had a show with G Adventures in Ottawa, so, depending what trip we work on and pick out for you, we may be able to offer a discount as well. (T&C apply.)

Of course, if small groups aren’t your preferred style, we can get a customized trip for you with someone like Micato Safaris or Big Five Tours. I work with these guys to do customized touring for my clients, and it’s a great way to see exactly what you want to see when you want to see it. And they are the best at what they do. Like G Adventures (or any of the companies I choose to work with), both Micato and Big Five focus on sustainability, and ensuring that the places you visit are better for you having gone there. Locals are employed. Traditions and cultures are respected. And you are immersed in the destination.

It seems funny to just say “Africa” – of course, the continent is HUGE! See this link to get perspective.

So, let me know if you’d like to go. We can have a chat and figure out where you want to go and what you want to see.