The Art of Conservation

The Art of Conservation

Every Sunday morning, I complete my weekly travel ezine that I’d started during the week, usually with the TV program “CBS Sunday Morning” on in the background as I sip my coffee. It’s the quiet before the regular Sunday morning family events get started.

This week was no different. This Sunday, as I watched the program, I was enthralled by a segment that started about the terrible and heartbreaking flooding going on in Venice right now, and how the mayor is blaming climate change. The news magazine story then moved on to highlight how local residents are fighting to preserve their architecture and art, even as flood waters crept across the flood of St. Mark’s Basilica. The segment on preserving and rescuing art, and the creativity and science involved in preserving art, was fascinating. If you missed the segment this Sunday, you can see details here  It was so interesting to watch the meticulous work and the care bestowed on preserving precious pieces of art, and to get just a glimpse into the work of the art conservationists in Boston, Chicago, Venice, and Rome. I highly recommend you check out the segment.

The wrap up on the piece talked about how the art of conservation tries to turn back the tides of time.

It made me think of travel, and what this great industry I belong to does to preserve and rescue our best art – and that is nature and wildlife. The art of conservation is alive and well in this industry too. Whether it’s working with folks like Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Tauck Tours, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, or Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, I love to focus on and work with travel partners who put their emphasis on the art of conservation, and preserving and rescuing our nature and wildlife.

Did you know that Lindblad Expeditions really played a key role in preserving the Galapagos islands? Their founder, Lars-Eric Lindblad, paid the salaries of the first national park guides. Without Lindblad, there would be no Galapagos to visit today. You can learn more about their history and how they impact the world of travel here

Big Five Tours focuses on sustainable tourism too – as does Tauck Tours, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, and Uniworld. These companies don’t just slap an “eco-friendly” label on their website. They walk the talk. They are committed to the art of conservation – and – they want to make the spots they visit better, just because they bring tourists there.  Here are just some samples – Big Five . G Adventures, and

As Uniworld says, “Mother Nature has provided us with a beautiful playground, and supporting the places we visit and those who call our destinations home is essential to ensuring the future of travel is equally bright.”

So, let me know if I can help you explore the art of conservation. The world is a wonderful, yet fragile, spot. We have to preserve it, and travel for good.