Testimonial from Client, David Martinek

You can imagine my thrill at seeing the following endorsement from my new client, David Martinek, on his facebook page.  (David runs a recycling company called Recycle Frog.)




Of course, I was even more thrilled to have David write this in an email to me (and get his ok to share)  when I’d sent him my customized Disney spreadsheet.


From: David Martinek

Sent: December 14, 2012 12:46 PM

To: Sheila at Lush Life
Subject: RE: WDW spreadsheet for Martinek Family

This looks AMAZING Sheila…. !!!!

Thank you so much for orchestrating it all for Mandy and I. We’ll leave it all as is…

So much fun… can’t wait.   And we’ll be for sure in touch with you for the safari in the new year Sheila.

I will be promoting you to everyone I know…  unreal service in an industry that is sorrily lacking in it.  You rise way above the industry and more than met my expectations.   Glad to have met you!

Thank you again… and wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.




Thank you, David!  It’s been a pleasure to begin the journey of being your travel advisor! I look forward to our continuing to build the relationship.