Swimming with the Fishes

Swimming with the Fishes …
And Other Animals

I watched a really cool video about a photographer swimming in a bait ball of fish at Ningaloo Reef in Australia. I came across it on National Geographic’s site here



Here’s the youtube link to watch too.

Huge Bait Ball at Ningaloo Reef
Huge Bait Ball at Ningaloo Reef

Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Doesn’t it make you want to go with Australia?


I know that I loved my April visit down under, and getting to swim with the fishes. It truly was a bucket list item to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. It was fantastic.
on the Great Barrier Reef

httpv://youtu.be/I8yuLQ_1PBA on the Great Barrier Reef

I had an event recently about traveling to Australia. See details on the event here – and contact me for details if you’d like more information (and to go)!

Of course, swimming with the fishes (or other animals) in their natural habitat is really becoming quite popular with travelers – and travel partners/ suppliers! The artificial set ups are becoming less so….. As people strive to connect with nature and travel in a responsible and sustainable way, connecting with wildlife in their natural habitat is becoming one of life’s greatest pleasures .

Of course, if you’ve ever scuba dived or snorkeled a lot, you already know that. Except for some earlier snorkeling in Hawaii and Galapagos, I’m fairly new to this – but – I’m becoming a huge fan. (Goodness – Hawaii, Galapagos, and the Great Barrier Reef are hitting some key spots for snorkeling!)

My partners at Goway offer some great tips and ideas for swimming with fishes in Australia. Besides the phenomenal Great Barrier Reef, and being surrounded by the living reef and fishes, you can also swim with sharks, or swim with dolphins, in their natural habitat. See article

Hold up! Swimming with sharks? Yup. It’s a popular thing. (Sorry, that’s something I won’t do – well, maybe if I was in a steel cage… and had some liquid courage supplied! But certainly not out in the open!). But, maybe you’re braver than I am? Here are T&L’s list of the top 10 places to swim with sharks. See article

Travel & Leisure also lists the top 11 spots for snorkeling. See article. Here are the top 11:

1. Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia)
2. Komodo National Park (Indonesia)
3. The Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
4. The Coral Triangle (Asia Pacific)
5. The Philippines
6. Silver Bank (Dominican Republic)
7. Palau (Micronesia)
8. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
9. Solomon Islands
10. Isla Holbox (Mexico)
11. Kealakekua Bay (Big Island, Hawaii)

Ok, not bad for me, the beginning snorkeler. I’ve done 3 out of this list of 11. How many have you done? How many would you like to do?

Maybe the fishes aren’t your thing? Did you know you can swim with horses in Jamaica? See what my partners at Half Moon do here Or did you know that you can swim with pigs in Bahamas, or Portuguese water dogs in Portugal? Travel and Leisure inspires even more ideas here including Sea Turtles in Maui, and Penguins in South Africa.

And see some VAST (Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel) ideas here

Let me know if you’d like to schedule a bucket list trip planning session. Email me at sheila.gh@visiontravel.ca or call 613-837-0699, and we’ll strike a time to get the planning done – so we can get you swimming with the fishes (or other animals)!