Swap 'Fly 'n Flop' for 'Stop 'n Sop'


Wee’re talking swapping fly ‘n flop holidays for stop ‘n sop.
Sure, fly ‘n flop holidays are important. We all need sun and sand to rejuvenate, and recover from the stresses of daily life. Sun and sand can do that. But, after lying on a beach in Varadero, or soaking up the sun in Cancun; you will want something more. May I suggest – a stop ‘n sop?!
And, no, you shouldn’t have heard of this kinda holiday before. I made up the phrase ‘stop ‘n sop” as I was preparing for yesterday presentation. It does go to the heart of what I do, and the kind of travel I like to promote though.
Yesterday, I had been invited to be a panelist for an Ottawa presentation about sustainability, and why “sense of place” is important. More on that below.
So, that stop ‘n sop thing. Fly ‘n flop holidays are all about sun & sand.  But, stop ‘n sop are something else.
Think of a piece of bread that you use sop up a sauce. The bread becomes something different when it’s used to sop up a sauce. The bread becomes more interesting, much richer, better tasting, and more nutritious if you sop up a wonderful sauce with it. And this is true of you when you travel.
Become the bread. Sop up the sauce. .



Adventure holidays are certainly on the rise. You want to do something that has an element of physical activity, an element of cultural exploration, and an element of nature exploration.
Contact me if you’d like to stop ‘n sop!
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