Sustainability Tourism w Big Five Tours

This week – we’re focusing on sustainability tourism!
This week, I’m hosting Ashish Sanghrajka, President of Big Five Tours.  Ashish is in town

 on Tuesday, May 2nd,  travelling from Miami to be with me for the day. And I’m putting him to work!  (Here’s a picture of Ashish and I with Costas Christ, Virtuoso Director of Sustainability.)
Ashish and I have been working together for years, crafting special experiences for my clients.
Ashish is a very passionate speaker, and a true advocate for
Sustainable Tourism, and conservation in general. He and Big Five Tours have won Virtuoso (my luxury travel network’s) “Sustainable Tourism Leadership” award twice. His family have been running Big Five Tours for 40 years now, starting with his Dad.

Here’s an interview he and I did about fostering an orphan elephant.

You can see more about Ashish and Big Five here
as well as
In addition, 2017 has been named the International Year for Sustainable Tourism Development by the United Nations.  And Ashish has been developing training programs for travel advisors like myself to help the focus on sustainable tourism. See

Ashish and I will first visit my daughter’s school, Elmwood, where Ashish, a two-time winner of Virtuoso’s “Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award,” will address the junior school, and talk about the importance of conservation, energy, and protecting endangered species; and call upon the young ladies to be leaders of tomorrow in these areas.

Ashish will share with the young ladies how they can change the world, and share share stories about the organization he partners with called “ 

One More Generation”. OMG

 was founded in 2009 by 8 year old Carter Ries and 7 year old Olivia Ries. (See – and the now teen brother and sister have recently given a Ted Talk ). Ashish will also share stories about Richard Turere  from Kenya, and how this 9 year old boy’s innovation saved his family’s cattle from the lions – by using light (see  and his Ted talk here ).


After what is sure to be an inspirational morning session, Ashish and I will be interviewed on Daytime Ottawa tv, talking about why sustainability tourism is important, and why it matters when you travel.
And then, I’ll host Ashish for two talks to my clients and the public.
At 6:30 pm, we’ll be talking about Sustainable Tourism to Latin America.
At 7:30 pm, well be talking about Sustainable Tourism to Africa.
If you’re in Ottawa, please do join us. Ashish is a very passionate speaker, and you’re sure to leave the presentation feeling energized and inspired.
Come for one – or stay for both! There is no charge for attendance, but the restaurant is providing the venue for free – so you are encouraged to reward them with your patronage, and order food and drink. (And, there is an Ottawa sens game that evening in New York – but there’ll be a tv at the bar!)
Contact me if you’d like to attend – or – if you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation about your travel.  (I can get Ashish on the phone with both of us! Remember, part of the joy of working with you as my advisor is that you can leverage my relationships to get special access to experts that you cannot get on your own!)
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