Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Holi! Happy Long Weekend!

As Ontario enters another 30 days of lockdown (ugh), we wait for vaccines to become even wider spread through the population. We’re getting there in Canada. My friends in Israel have been doing amazing work with over 69% of their population fully vaccinated – see Israel, and friends in the US are vaccinating like mad too, and have 18% fully vaccinated with about a 1/3 having one dose – see U.S.. Canada had a slow start (since we hadn’t been producing the vaccines domestically – yet), but we’re slowly making ground, and have about 12% with one dose, and about 2% fully vaccinated. See Canada . We’re making progress. Slowly.

While we wait for the numbers of those vaccinated to rise, the pent up demand is spilling over to making travel plans for 2022 and 2023 for sure (and please let me know how I can help you there), but – we’re starting to see staycations take on even more prominence than before. And while you might not want to travel over these next 30 days, the prospect of having a getaway (even a short one) booked as we come out of lockdown helps raise spirits.

Staycations can be in your own backyard – or – your Canadian backyard.

Want to learn about a getaway to Manoir Hovey in North Hatley Quebec – join me this Tuesday for a Travel Tuesday zoom. see Manoir Hovey

Earlier in December, I’d hosted the Shangri La Toronto hotel and the Ritz Carlton Montreal hotel as well. You can watch those videos here.

Shangri La Toronto

Ritz Carlton Montreal

And, of course, there are more offerings than ever to visit Canada this summer.

I’m working on a couple of self-drive holidays for clients to Newfoundland, as well as some escorted tour packages around the Maritimes. I have some Northern Light packages booked for next March, but some folks are also looking at booking Northern Light getaways during the fall/ early winter. I am working with some clients on trips to see polar bears and spirit bears, and some trips to visit Haida Gwaii (as soon as it re-opens). Plus there is the wonderful Rocky Mountaineer, and I have some clients taking this majestic train trip across the Rockies. But it doesn’t stop there – I am working with some suppliers who are building trips for Canadians only to see Canada – with trips around the western provinces and see the major sites, but you can also do a wine weekend in the Okanagan Valley in BC, fly into a lodge to do some fly fishing in British Columbia, see some polar bears in Churchill, see the Beluga whales, or do some hiking on the East Coast Trail.

Let me know if you’d like to plan a staycation. I have the partners and expertise to build the proper holiday for you – while keeping health and safety at the forefront.