Stanely Tucci’s “Searching for Italy”

Hey there – did you watch a show (or dozen) of “Somebody Feed Phil” last week?

I heard from several dozen people thanking me for the recommendation. It’s on Netflix, and the Lisbon show really got me hooked. See If you want something fun and light, that will make you smile, and make you extremely eager to be on a plane again, give it a watch. He has 4 seasons in the Netflix offerings, so you can watch his foodie travel shows to Vietnam, Bangkok, New Orleans, Mexico, and beyond.

And since all of us are still home, and watching Netflix and new series, let me give another foodie travel show recommendation this week – Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy.”

The show premiered last Sunday at 9 pm est on CNN. I pvr’ed it, and watched it last night – and I LOVED it.

Of course, I love Stanley Tucci. (Have you seen the movie “The Big Night” – it was a favourite of my father-in-law.) And during the pandemic, Stanley kept us all amused with his Negroni and other cocktail recipes. See

And now – he has a show where he travels and eats around Italy. See

It’s filmed during the pandemic (the first episode was when Italy had lifted some of their restrictions), and it is a six-part series.

So, I was 6 days late to catching up with this new hit – see – but I’m “in”.

If you missed the first episode last week, you really should catch it. EPISODE 1: NAPLES & THE AMALFI COAST gave us the history of pizza and more. And I see that CNN is rebroadcasting the first episode at 8 pm est tonight – with the new episode following at 9 pm est.

Give yourself a treat, and watch.

And – dig out “The Big Night” too