Solo Travel is on the Rise

Solo travel is on the rise.

Solo travelers often find themselves having to travel solo because of circumstance – but they don’t necessarily want to travel alone. They might not have someone to travel with – either they don’t have a partner to travel with (whether by choice, death, or divorce), or perhaps they have a partner/ friend/ loved one but that person doesn’t like to travel – or – they don’t have the same time, money, or freedom to travel. And solos are tired of waiting. They’re starting to realize that they don’t have to travel alone. They just want to go!

Solo travelers are rising in number, and it isn’t always tied to not having a partner. See . “Perhaps one of the most interesting and revealing findings was in regard to solo travel. According to ABTA, more of us are opting to go it alone than ever before – but not simply as a result of having no one to go with.”

The travel industry is starting to respond to this need and interest too or whether it’s not having a partner, or wanting to go alone without your partner, companies are starting to make it easier for solos to travel.  Intrepid Travel is one such company that just “gets it.” They realize that solos make up a growing proportion of their travelers – and they are trying to make it easier for folks to just go.

As Intrepid says:

What if you’ve got the urge for adventure, but no-one to do it with? Over 50% of travellers on our trips are travelling solo, which is why travelling as part of our small group tours has its perks. We’ve got expert local leaders on tap to show you around, ready-made friends who are itching to explore (just like you), and optional single supplements if you want a room all to yourself. All you have to do is turn up with a smile and a passport: we’ll handle the rest. 

So, I’m bringing Intrepid Travel to Ottawa this Wednesday, Feb.27th. Intrepid Travel offers both trips designed for solo travelers only – but their regular trips are great for solo travelers too. They make it easy for you to pair  up with someone of the same sex, if you wish to share expenses and share a room – or – you can choose your own room without a huge solo supplement.

We’re meeting at Oz Kafe, a wonderful restaurant in Ottawa’s Byward Market. We’re meeting at 6:30 pm. Come buy your own meal, and learn more about Intrepid Travel – you might pick up some travel tips, and maybe find someone to travel with too!


The Intrepid event is now over, but I still have access to Intrepid’s great trips for solo travelers. Contact me for details. Make sure you’re on my weekly ezine distribution as well because there will be other solo travel events planned for this fall and winter.

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