Solo Travel Club

Solo Travel Club 
Travel Events & Meet Ups 
I just had my third solo travel club meeting at Cafe Latte Cino, and had great results. More events will follow. Check out details here
I invite solo travelers to come learn about the options and the availability of solo travel. Whether you’ve traveled the world solo, or never done it before, the events are fun and informative! Travel has changed in the last several years. There are so many more options for the solo traveler than ever before, but most have not heard of them – YET! So come join us on a solo travel night – learn about the new solo options, meet other travelers, and even find out about trips you can join. (Or perhaps you have your own trip in mind that you would like to invite others to join?) I will always be there to help with advice, planning and booking support, and will feature offers from different travel supplier partners each month.
More coming soon! Hope to see you at an upcoming event or meet up!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran