Sizzling Latin America – It's Hot, Hot, Hot

On October 7th, I hosted a sizzling Latin America show with my Ottawa colleagues at the Foolish Chicken in Ottawa. It was so fantastic to be able to highlight this part of the world to my clients.  Active travel is where it’s at!

We talked about food in Costa Rica.

Active travel specialist, Pat Rochon, talked about active bike trips through Nicaragua and Mexico. 

We talked about beautiful Belize. 

and Panama

and of course Galapagos

and Peru!

and Bolivia with its salt hotel

There is so much to see and do in this exciting part of the world, and Canadians are beginning to want to explore more than just the all inclusive holidays to Cuba, Mexico, and Dominican. Folks are wanting more!

I will be visiting Columbia myself this year. And can’t wait. Having already visited Ecuador and Galapagos, and already planning a trip to Costa Rica, I am eager to also learn more about Columbia than Juan Valdez.

Ask me if you want to learn more. We work with such fantastic partners like Big Five Tours, Exodus, and Peregrine. There’s a world to explore with adventure trips (from soft to hard), and more in between – for active singles, or families – the world is VAST. Go explore!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran