Shopping & Planning Your Next Travel Adventure


Are you shopping for your next travel adventure?
Are you making travel plans/ lists for 2016 and beyond?
If so, we should talk!  I can help you fill your bucket list for now – or we can craft a plan for the next 10 years!  I can help you with Christmas shopping and beyond!
I hosted three wonderful events in Ottawa over the past two weeks, and I have another coming up this week. I’ve hosted Lindblad Expeditions and the Embassy of Iceland ( see Iceland details ), I’ve hosted Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Natural Habitat, and International Expeditions to talk about transformative and sustainable travel (see transformative & Sustainable details – Wow – what a gathering of the Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Leadership award-winners for 2013, 2014, and 2015!), and I hosted an event with World Expeditions to talk about active Europe 2016 (see active Europe details).  This coming week, I’m hosting a talk about travel to the South Pacific islands, including Australia and New Zealand (rsvp South Pacific talk here )
If you’re in the market for an adventure, let’s have a chat. I’ll take you for a coffee, and let you know all of the terrific options I have available for your consideration. (If you’re outside of Ottawa, we can arrange a skype call, and I can send you a Timmies or Starbucks gift card! :-)…)   One such meeting I had with a client this week has us reviewing her bucketlist to plan her next 17 trips – so, now we’re prioritizing and crafting a plan to enable us to turn those dreams a reality. i can do with all of my clients!
Besides working a supplier/ partner with the name World Expeditions, I’m always focused on helping my clients explore the world, and take expeditions.  Let’s figure out what is most important to you. What is the one trip you really would like to do next? The world is vast! Let’s go explore!
Of course, we can explore the world in many ways. We can look at 2-4 star products, such as what the supplier World Expeditions offers, or we can look at 5*+++. The main thing is to figure out what is most important to you. And, as your travel “masterchef,” I have access to the ingredients (suppliers) that I can combine to produce the meal (travel experience) you wish. I am your travel expert, and can leverage the relationships I have with suppliers around the world to produce the experience you crave.
Remember, luxury isn’t about what you have – it’s about what you don’t have to worry about. Partners like Lindblad Expeditions are more of a 5* experience, but it isn’t about the thread count, it’s the animal count. Of course, I can find suppliers for you if thread count is important to you (I work with the “best of the best” from around the world with my Virtuoso partners), but the luxury in Lindblad’s case is about the animal count, and the experience count. It’s about the National Geographic photographers onboard, and the naturalists. It’s about  their naturalists being experts in both human and natural history. Have a look at the kind of people they have onboard.  (Did you know that there are ethnomusicologist experts?)
This week, the event I had at World Expeditions in Ottawa had a great turn out. For those of you who couldn’t attend, I’m featuring a sample of 3 of their active trips below – Porto to Santiago Cycle, Holland Tulip Bike ‘n Barge, and Great Wall of China trekking. Let me know if you’d like to learn more.  (And stay tuned – there’ll be a flyer about the Portuguese Way, Porto to Santiago Cycle trip following – with add ons in Lisbon, etc – and we hope to get a group of Ottawa folks to join our tour in mid-May 2016! More to follow.))
I also will be having more events with Tom Pinnington of Eddie Bauer. We are finalizing an event with Arctic Kingdom in January at the store. (And – it looks as though we’ll be returning to Shepherd’s Fashions in the new year as well for another show on combining fashion and luxury travel with Abercrombie & Kent!)
If you’d participated in the  Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Natural Habitat, and International Expeditions talk on October 24th about transformative and sustainable travel (see transformative & Sustainable details) you’ll recall that Tom Pinnington did a trunk show of light and layered clothing you should bring on your next adventure trip. And, he had scratch discount coupons for anyone attending. Tom also offered concierge appointments to help you shop to complete your advance packing list you can get from travelling with these 4 top adventure partners. So, if you book a holiday with me with one of these 4 partners over the next month, here’s a fantastic offer –
Regardless of whether you’ve been able to attend the events in Ottawa, if you book a trip with me with either Lindblad Expeditions, Big Five Tours, Natural Habitat, or International Expeditions between October 22, 2015 and November 30th, 2015! you will get a a:
1. $50 Eddie Bauer gift certificate to help you go shopping for your packing list; and
2. once you set up a concierge appointment with Tom, he’ll give you 20% off your purchases.
 Imagine how much that could help with your Christmas shopping!  Not to mention your own bucket list travel dreams!
Additionally, if you book a trip with Lindblad Expeditions with me between October 22nd and November 26th, and you’ll also get a $200 onboard credit onboard any Lindblad sailing.
Let’s talk!  Let me curate your travel dreams!
Best regards,