Save on your roaming charges – discounts for Wireless Traveler

Vision 2000, and our Virtuoso partners, have teamed up with Wireless Traveler. We highly recommend a travel phone or global SIM card when traveling abroad in case of the unexpected or even for emergencies, but of course, they are great for letting families know you have arrived safely.

You can see all the great features (& a special offer!) listed in the flyer below.

Not all Canadian cell phones will work overseas, and those that do can incur very high roaming charges as you will see in the comparative rates table. Wireless Traveler can offer significant savings in over 200 countries with no contracts and no monthly fees. If you have any questions, please call me at 613-837-0699 or email me at

VIP Travel Tip: 

Using a cell phone specifically designed for biz/ leisure travellers avoids enormous overseas bills. 

Use this link to visit our preferred vendor, promo code: vision1, to get $20 off the Motorola Razor V3.

VISION2000 Global Phone V600