Rhod Gilbert, bringing the funny with "Lost Luggage"

Unfortunately, lost luggage is something that happens in air travel.  Airlines have pretty sophisticated systems for tracking down the missing pieces, and usually the pieces can be located, and rerouted to you in short order. But anyone who has had the misfortune of having something go astray knows how frustrating it can be.

(Obviously, I always advise my clients to ensure all medicine, and essentials are in carry ons – this includes bathing suits! That way, should your luggage ever get delayed, you can still hit the pool as soon as you arrive, and start your vacay!)

However, no one brings the funny quite so well as comic, Rhod Gilbert. His take on “lost luggage” is classic.

This piece is well known on youtube, and I think Rhod has delivered the routine in different parts of the world (blaming different airlines each time).   Here’s a recording of his stand up bit on youtube from the Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow. 

If you haven’t already seen it (or even if you have), and you are in need of a great belly laugh, sit back, hit “play,” and enjoy!