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Do you like really good food, and avoid MacDonald’s like the plague? Do you also like authentic travel experiences? Know you’re not alone! Foodie or culinary travel has really exploded to become quite the niche or specialized travel in the market for travel experiences.
Foodie or culinary travel is everywhere. Even when I toured Buckingham Palace this summer, I was learning about foodie travel and unique experiences! (Closest I will get to wearing a crown! ha.)
In this week’s ezine, I’ll feature some foodie travel experiences below from a variety of partners.  But, of course, the best thing is to work with your travel ‘master chef’ for me to blend the right ‘ingredients’ (i.e., travel partners) to prepare the right ‘meal’ (i.e, travel experience) for you. I focus on bucket list, adventure, and luxury travel – and work with a host of partners to get what is right for you.
And, if you’re in Ottawa this week, I’d like to invite you to join me to learn more about real food travel adventures.
This coming Tuesday. I’ll be hosting Intrepid Travel to have an evening focused on their “Real Food Travel Experiences.”
Join me with special guest, Kazundra Brown, Business Development Manager of Intrepid Travel, for a presentation about Intrepid’s Foodie Trips. Intrepid has really been distinguishing themselves recently with great foodie-focused travel to Vietnam, Italy, Portugal, Peru, India, and more. (And – Intrepid is really stepping up it’s solo travel offerings too.)  Email, call me, or rsvp on facebook if you’d like to join us on Tuesday. 613-837-0699 . Attendance is free, but the room has limited seating. (Attendees are encouraged to order food and drink from the restaurant.)
Intrepid is a more moderate experience in terms of price and accommodations, but they offer a great overall adventure product. They also have Peregrine in their company structure/ portfolio, and Peregrine offers a little more upscale level of accommodations, if that is more your style. We’ll be talking both on Tuesday at the Black Rose room at 67 Clarence Street at 6:30 pm on Oct.24th. More info here

So – if you’re interested in real food travel, and are looking for inspiration (or perhaps travel companions), join us for this special presentation.

If you’re not in Ottawa, or not available to join us on Tuesday, watch some of the sample videos of Intrepid’s featured trips below. And – contact me for more details.

I’ll have a show special too – a discount you’ll only get by booking these trips through me. I can extend to my clients, regardless of whether you can attend.  Ask me for details.
Intrepid's Real Food Adventure in Japan
Intrepid’s Real Food Adventure in Japan
Real Food Travel Adventure - China
Intrepid’s Real Food Travel Adventure – China
Intrepid's Real Food Adventure - Vietnam
Intrepid’s Real Food Adventure – Vietnam
Why travel with Peregrine
Why travel with Peregrine
Want to see some other Intrepid food trips? See the block below. Click
And – stay tuned. On Nov.14th, I’ll host an evening focusing on Caribbean travel & fundraiser at Shepherd’s Fashions.

Kindly note too – I still have that Tauck offer until Oct.25th. Let me know if you’re interested. Click here for info Tauck

Please give me a call (613-837-0699) or shoot me an email at , and we’ll schedule a time to review your travel needs and interests. After all, I am your travel master chef! I’ll prepare the right meal for you!
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