Quiz: What is your "explorer quotient"?

I interview my new clients. I ask them a lot of questions about the kind of holiday they want, the kind of experience they are looking for, and the kind of memories they want to take away from their vacation.  Recently, a new friend (Amanda Farris) contacted me about a holiday, and she ended up putting some of those questions on paper. She designed a questionnaire to help the client who wants to getaway, but doesn’t know what they really want. The idea being that for the client that is a “blank slate” (in terms of having defined needs), the process of reading questions, and having specific choices stare them in the face helps add a bit of colour, and frame their vacation experience.

That input (thanks, Amanda) got me thinking about the kind of questions I currently ask, and the ones I should be asking.

I started thinking about how to really get to the heart of each clients’ needs and wants.

You never get to recapture your personal time. We have to make sure we get it right the first time. And, extraordinary travel experiences don’t just happen – they require collaborative effort.

So, I started researching questionnaires and quizzes to help focus a client in on their needs and wants. Obviously, the personal interview will remain a crucial part of my process, but I’ve come across some pretty neat quizzes that are already out there on the internet.

Have a look at this one.

It’s designed by the Canadian Tourism Commission, so its suggestions are Canadian-centric.  Obviously, we live in an awesome country, and we do not explore it as much as we should. So, this quiz is a great starting point in looking at how to frame needs and wants – both for Canadian vacations, and we can then use it as a stepping stone for vacations around the globe.

Do the quiz.  Let me know what your “explorer quotient” is.  Tell me what you think of the questionnaire.  Would it help you in defining your next vacation needs and wants?

Enquiring minds want to know!


(or older link here http://eqcaen.canada.travel/)