Proud to be a Virtuoso Top Producer

I was extremely proud to be given the designation of “top producer” in several Virtuoso Travel Advisor specialty communities this week. It’s a  wonderful honour from my worldwide-luxury travel consortium, Virtuoso, for me to be named as a “top producer” amongst 20,000+ Virtuoso travel advisors around the world.

I have “top producer” status in the Virtuoso Adventure, Voyages (cruises), Wellness, and Family communities. Plus, I was invited to join the brand-new Sustainability community, based on my support of sustainable tourism.

It’s so wonderful to have my hard work recognized – but – more importantly, to be helping you, my client, see the world in a meaningful way! Thank you for your trust, and your business. It means the world to me.

So – what does being a top producer mean to you? Well, there are lots of perks I am getting now as a top producer that can benefit you.

As a member of these 4 top Virtuoso communities (and the new Virtuoso Sustainability community), I have access to varied tools and resources to both sharpen my Voyages, Adventure, Family, and Wellness travel sales focus, and to also increase my knowledge of Voyages, Adventure, Family, and Wellness Community partners. It’s a continuous learning program – but with perks for you!

Virtuoso Communities are built around niche groups within the travel industry including adventure, celebration, culinary, family, ultraluxe, cruising, and wellness travel.  These groups offer advisors like me the opportunity to connect with other top specialists in our 20,000+ Virtuoso advisor netowrk, as well as connect with Virtuoso preferred travel suppliers and partners to build relationships, share experiences, learn about new travel offerings, get access to special offers, and become more engaged with specific types of travel.

Virtuoso brings together qualified and vetted community partners with specially focused advisors via strategic Virtuoso communications, events, marketing, training, and other support that stimulates optimal collaboration.

Here are 2 of the perks that I’ve just received – a personalized website with Virtuoso, and also specialized websites for Virtuoso Voyages, Virtuoso Adventure, Virtuoso Family, and Virtuoso Wellness (with Sustainability to follow!).

Besides specialized training, webinars, and access to partners for the latest developments and insider knowledge of their products, these personalized websites will help you search for future travel ideas.


Voyages (Cruises)




I am a top producer in the Virtuoso Voyages community, so I can offer Enhanced Cruise Experiences. The Virtuoso Voyages Community brings together advisors and partners with a shared passion for cruising. The partners in this community offer Virtuoso Voyages added-value benefits, and this if my opportunity to work closer with my partners and grow through advanced training and marketing. Besides access to my Virtuoso cruise partners, who are the best-of-the-best, and access to their normally terrific cruise offerings, I also get special offers and exclusive deals to cruisers. There are often Virtuoso exclusive benefits I can offers cruisers. There are often Virtuoso Voyage hosts, with special onboard credits, onboard cocktail parties, and special perks. There are also Virtuoso headquarter groups, and Vision Travel groups – cruise groups that allow me to give special perks to my clients. For example, I’m doing a group on a special solo cruise with Uniworld this July – and because of my top sales with Uniworld, I’m getting access to special group amenities to a solo traveler cruise. I also have a 2-for-1 offer on select AMA Waterways cruises. And special offers with Lindblad Expeditions. Plus a special 2 night pre or post hotel with Tauck river cruises.  And there is more besides!

I am a top producer in Virtuoso Adventure Travel community. The Virtuoso Adventure Travel Community brings together advisors & partners with a shared passion for adventure & active travel experiences, including those focused on nature, exploration of unique cultures, & physical activities. So, I have access to suppliers and partners who will work with me. Besides the normal access to the best-of-the-best, as a top producer, I can also get access for my clients to special offers and exclusive deals for adventure travelers. I also get access to the best partners for inside information – whether that’s doing a go-to-webinar with President of Big Five Tours, Ashish Sanghrajka, to get on the phone with my clients and I to do a google map overview of their holiday; to getting the Vice President Global Sales Lindblad Expeditions, Jacinta McEvoy, on the phone with my clients to talk about Alaska expeditions or the Vice President Sales North America Lindblad Expeditions, Lesa Bain, on the phone with my clients to review where is best to see the penguins they are most interested in in Antarctica. I leverage the connections I have to help my clients travel the world.

The same is true for my top producer status in Virtuoso Family and Virtuoso Wellness communities. The Virtuoso Family Travel Community brings together advisors and partners with a shared passion for family travel. The partners in this community offer well-rounded family experiences designed to foster deeper connections and lasting memories for the whole family. The Virtuoso Wellness Travel Community brings together advisors with a shared passion for health-minded, experiential travel that restores a traveler’s mind, body, and spirit. This portfolio integrates nutrition, healing, mind/body balance, fitness, and educational components. I haven’t been as immersed in these two communities of Family and Wellness as much as Voyages and Adventure in the past, but my work with Voyages and Adventure has some natural overlap. And because of my top sales in these designated areas, I’ve been awarded complimentary membership in the Family and Wellness communities as well.

The Virtuoso Sustainability Community is just readying to launch in early 2020 to bring together Virtuoso partners and advisors like myself who are passionate about sustainability. This shared space will allow the network to grow our collective impact through learning and sharing sustainability best practices, inspiration, and success stories. Stay tuned for more!

But – all of this community work together means that with my designated “top producer” status – I will get more information, more access, and more offers for you!

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about one of my Virtuoso communities. I would love to help you travel the world!