Playing tourist in Toronto

It’s terrific to visit a city you know and play tourist.

On the May 24th weekend, my family did just that. We had a great time staying at the new Ritz Carlton (see earlier post and we just had a great time playing tourist.

We visited the CN tower.

And had lots of fun looking thru the glass floor at the top, and taking photos of the view down.

We toured the waterfront leading over to Centre Island (unfortunately, we couldn’t get near the ferry over – Toronto had its first sunny day in months, and it seemed everyone in Toronto had the same idea… the ferry lineup went around the Westin Harbourcastle when we tried…). So, we walked the boardwalk, and took in the sights, including seeing lots of  street performers.

We even caught a show of the “Railway Children” – which we quite enjoyed. The stage moves in pieces,and there is lots of activity with the actors… plus a real live locomotive enters the stage at one point… which certainly kept my 5 year old amused.

Go play tourist in Toronto. You’ll have a blast.