Playing Tourist in Montreal

 It’s a pretty easy drive from Ottawa to Montreal. Depending which end of Ottawa you’re in (and traffic), you can usually be there in 2 hours. But for some reason, we don’t often hop in the car unless we’re driving to Dorval airport.

This week, my nephew from Newfoundland was playing in a hockey tournament in Montreal, so we wanted to watch him play – and we took in the opportunity to play tourist in Montreal. We had a great time.

We made sure we visited Mount Royal Park Lookout to see the terrific views of the city. The girls got a kick out of Mont Royal being the city’s namesake, and of course they ran around the park and burned off some energy.

We saw Old Montreal, Olympic Stadium, and Montreal Harbour.  And, of course, caught a few hockey games (and met Gilles Gilbert).


And we visited some terrific Montreal restaurants, and caught up with family.

Of course, my daughters squeezed in some shopping. I think DD11 lost her brain (or maybe found her nirvana) somewhere between the 8 story Hudson Bay, the shops at Complexe les Ailes, and the Eaton Centre.

I think we’ll be heading back again soon for a more easy-paced visit.