Patagonia Adventure

Patagonia Adventure
Group Trip – March 11, 2017
We had a great gathering at Cafe 55 and World Expeditions on Wednesday this week. I love getting together with well-travelled folks who are looking for their next adventure.
And here’s a really great opportunity for you. We have 12 spots available on a small escorted group trip with World Expeditions for this coming March 11, 2017.
Here is the flyer.
Here’s a snippet of video of Pat Rochon talking about this great adventure, thanks to Facebook “live.”
But please call me if you have other questions.  The really neatt thing about this trip is that it is only 11 days long, covers a lot of ground, yet doesn’t have the really long hikes each day. (There are other trips with heavier hiking demands if that interests you.)
There are 12 spots open. Let me know if it interests you. Do note that this is not for everyone. Obviously, Patagonia is a bucket-list experience. It is hard to reach, and hard to get to; so air is also on the expensive side (not included above). However, most big important life-changing things take effort and determination! 🙂
Let me know if you’d like to go.
And, after chatting about Patagonia, my partner Pat Rochon talked about World Expeditions’ trips to Antarctica. Here’s a little snippet of Pat courtesy of Facebook “live” again. And – here’s a little happy gentoo.
Hope you escape any pods chasing you this week!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran