Passports – ya gotta have 'em

If you’re Canadian, and you’re travelling outside of Canada, please get your passport. And please, make sure it has at least 6 months remaining before its expiry date.  Believe me, you don’t need a panicked trip to the passport office, getting copies of all travel documents, paying for an expedited renewal, standing in lines just before a big tirp, and praying that expedited processing times are expedited enough for you.

Problems can definitely arise if you’re not attentive. Expiry dates matter. Don’t risk being turned away from reboarding your cruise ship because there’s only five months remaining on your child’s passport instead of six. Don’t risk being turned away from the airport at the check in desk because of document issues. This kinda stuff is so avoidable.

Besides turning to your friendly travel advisor, there are lots of resources online to help address questions.

There are details about Canadians needing passports to get into the US (and vice versa) and more generally about travelling in North America

And you should also check travel reports about where you’re travelling

Know the requirements of Passport Canada

There’s lots of info for adults and children . And details about the new simplified renewal process,, processing times , and passport fees

There are special conerns about travelling with children  particularly if your child is travelling with only one parent (and/or that parent has a different surname than the child). Custodial issues are paramount. Obviously, check with your lawyer if separations/ divorces have created some acrimony. Make sure you have  proper consent letters . Here is a sample consent letter to consider.

Passports – ya gotta have ’em. Make sure you do.