NYC:Expert Do-it-yourselfer Loses to Virtuoso Advisor

“Virtuoso Life” magazine just ran a friendly competition. They gave a veteran travel writer and a Virtuoso travel advisor a budget of $4,000 to plan a three-night trip to the Big Apple, centered on a Broadway show. Any bets on who won?  Not really – bet on the Virtuoso Advisor every time.

A veteran travel writer needed 7.5 hours to get their itinerary sorted, but he could’ve had a 30 minute call with his Virtuoso travel advisor.  In terms of billable hours at his normal rate, how much money did the travel writer lose by being a do-it-yourselfer? (And how much value does he put on the day he wasn’t playing with his family while he searched the internet?) He could’ve done a day’s work while his expert Virtuoso travel advisor redirected the savings she’d found on the hotel and securing extra splurges such as an unforgettable backstage experience. Plus the advisor’s trip includes exclusive hotel perks valued at $1,360 and headache-saving details such as airport transfers.

If an expert do-it-yourselfer, like a veteran travel writer, can’t do New York City as well, as fast, or get anywhere near the same perks and experiences as a Virtuoso advisor, what makes you think you can do it?

Next time you’re going to NYC, save the headaches, save your efforts, and give me a call. Focus on saving memories instead!

from Virtuoso Life