"No Dress Rehearsal, This is Our Life"

If you’re Canadian, you were either in Kingston last night, or wanted to be. (If you’re not Canadian, here’s what I’m talking about
All of Canada was sending it’s love with our Prime Minister’s hug (see credits here) just before the final concert last night. Yes, cancer sucks.
Twitter was active. Here’s a good one:
RT @Sherriemae23: Dear America : This is our Prime Minister. We welcome you with open arms. #TheHip https://t.co/3StxlCGFKR  (Yup, that’s our PM at the concert, wearing a Hip tshirt.)
The Tragically Hip was one of those bands that never seemed to get the success they deserved in the US and elsewhere. Sure, they had pockets of fans the world over. But, everyone at home loved them.
Front man Gord Downie has terminal cancer. His poems have always resonated. But they have never resonated more than now. Never more than last night. “No dress rehearsal. This is our life.”
See here. We all sing “O Canada” to Gord.  “Have a nice life,” he said as he walked off the stage before the final encores.
He came back to sing several more songs, not wanting to let go of the embrace. And, of course, the last song was this..
The Hip - Ahead by a Century
The Hip – Ahead by a Century

“No dress rehearsal. This is our life.”

I lost my dear mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago. (See obit.). The fragility of life is certainly felt in my family this year, especially since my father-in-law died just a few months prior. My husband and his siblings are currently embroiled in planning a joint memorial for next month.
And Gord’s words echo. “No dress rehearsal. This is our life.”
What are we doing? What are you doing to make the most of your time? What memories are you building?
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Time for a holiday?
Time for a holiday?
Ask yourself – is it “time for a holiday?”
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