My Booth at the Ottawa Travel Show










I took advantage of a last minute cancellation to get my own booth at the Ottawa Travel show on March 7-8th.


The Ottawa Travel show celebrated its 15th year of operation.


I had participated in the Ottawa Travel show for the past 2 years, working with the Anguilla Tourism booth, so I knew that the clientele that came out were people who could benefit from my services – we’d be a good match. The demographic that attends the Ottawa show are well-traveled, mid 40’s and up, with children in high school, or university; and are typically stressed with work, family care, and sometimes sandwiched with elderly parent care. They are ideal people to get assistance from a luxury travel advisor.


These folks are either already using a travel advisor and know what I call PITA x 2.  OR – they are so busy and stressed out and in need of a vacation, they are overwhelmed with the fire hose of info from the interet, they drown in the water flow when they try to drink.











Or maybe both….


Turns out, everyone can benefit from PITA x2.


The first PITA is the Pain-in-the-A$% factor. This is pain avoidance. Why do something that is time-consuming and confusing yourself if you can hire a professional to do it?  Simply put, I can do it better than can. I have education, resources, and experience that you do not.


The second PITA is the Pleasure-in-the-Advisor factor.   This is pleasure seeking.  Why not take advantages of the connections I have to avail yourself of my powerful relationships, and get VIP’ed?  Simply put, I can do things you cannot. I know people.


For the Ottawa show, I called in some favours from people I know. I had material fedexed from some of my terrific partners at the last minute – people at Four Seasons, Rosewood hotels, Crystal Cruises, Pelican Hill resort, Disney!, and Ste. Anne’s spa.











I work with the best!  I am a preferred partner of Four Seasons, as well as a Rosewood elite – which means I can VIP you at their hotels around the world.  (I put a new client in the Four Seasons Beijing who was blown away by the personal service, and welcome tray of amenities.)  We also have a new Four Seasons in Toronto that I am keen to put clients at. And of course Rosewood has lovely properties – The Carlyle in NYC, and Rosewood Las Ventanas just to name two. Crystal Cruises is the #1 cruise line in the world, and Pelican Hill is the #1 resort in the USA. And Ste. Anne’s is the #1 spa in Canada. Disney, of course, is the #1 family vacation spot in the world. I work with the best because my clients deserve the best.


It was a great two days. I met many new clients, and had a lot of terrific conversations. I have helped plan some terrific vacations already, and will be making many more plans!


Call me to orchestrate your travel dreams!


Sheila Gallant-Halloran