More Travel Apps to Help You Go!

  I’ve done some previous blogs about apps – particularly this one on visiting Disney that a client of mine had written for me:

But I’ve come across others that might be helpful to you.

After we’ve collaborated, and planned your trip; and got everything reserved and set for you (and you have your izento trip journal that I created for you), here are some apps that might help you when you’re at destination.

Around Me is a good one that will help you find restaurants, etc., when you are on vacation.

Off Maps lets you download maps before you go, so you can save on roaming charges. 

Frommers also has a lot of good info

Of course, there’s also Seat Guru and Trip Advisor – but if you’re working with me, we’ve already sorted that info, and I’ve shared travel industry recommendations and reviews with you.

Skype is another great way to get in touch with friends and family. (I also have a Wireless Traveler Virtuoso partner, that lets my clients take advantage of a global sim card, and can save substantial amounts on roaming charges. )

But what’s the best app or way for my clients to stay in touch with me while on vacation?  Phone!  Email!  Of course. But… also….Facebook!

Facebook’s instant messenger is a very quick way for my clients to get hold of me when they are on vacation.  My clients and I use it often to check in on how their vacation is going; and if there are things that need to be tweaked,  I can find out and help.  As I tell all my clients, if there are issues, and you can’t solve it with the person in front of you, let me know – because I’d much rather try to help when you’re on vacation, than hear about it when you’re back home, and commiserate with you!

So – who are you entrusting with your travel dreams?  Who’s got your back when you’re travelling?