Manage the Risk, Magnify the Genius

Manage the Risk, Magnify the Genius.”  Great line, huh?
I heard Chris Kutarna speak at the ILTM (international luxury travel mart) in Cannes, France last week. He was fantastic! He’s a fellow Canadian, but also an Oxford scholar, author, and speaker. He shared info from his book, Age of Discovery.
In his book, and his talk, he drew parallels between the age of Trump and 1490s Renaissance Florence with the false prophet, Girolamo Savonarola, taking on the ruling Medicis. He made some fascinating comparisons.
Check out his book here . You can remind yourself who Savonarola was here . And you can also see some CBC News coverage about Chris here
And watch his recent Ted talk:
But the biggest message Chris gave is that we are living through a 2nd Renaissance -with both great risk and great genius possible. He told the 4000 of us working in the international luxury travel market that we have to manage the risk, and magnify the genius – and that what we do in travel helps us magnify the genius that is in the world. We have to embrace the wilderness, and remember what is glorious about exploring and getting to know the world.
It was fascinating, and inspiring.  Having just celebrated my birthday yesterday, I’m always looking for ways to move forward better, bigger, and stronger – so this message came at the right time.
After a week in Geneva and Cannes, and getting inspired by my friends and colleagues from around the world who’d attend ILTM with me, I hope to further the magnification of what is great about travel, and help you with your experiences of the world.  As a former actuary, I know how to manage risk, and can use those skills to help you as you travel the world; but magnifying the genius is truly where I can excel.
But you have to take time to get away! You have to get away from the constant warnings and bombardment of terrible news stories. And – besides that – see if this picture might inspire you. Winter, it’s a coming.
The risk and the worry is ever present. But studies show that few Canadians (and others) are taking time to get away from it all. Read “What Vacation” – see
You have to take time to get away from the stresses. You have to magnify the genius. Wouldn’t you rather be here?
the beautiful French Riviera - Cannes
the beautiful French Riviera – Cannes
Or any where else in the world? What’s on your bucket list.
Check out some info below, and some of the wonderful things I’ve learned and can share with you to help you magnify the genius.
Remember, here are the 4 A’s you get by working with me.
at ILTM Cannes – the 4 A’s of Working with Me.
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