Lush Life's Travel Tips – Snap Chat Geo-Filters

Do you have a teenager in your house? If not, do you know one who can show you how to use Snap Chat? 🙂  Of course, you may be more hip than I am. I needed my 16 year old daughter to show me this app, and how to use it. And while the disappearance of photos and/or creation of stories didn’t quite catch with me, what I did love about Snap Chat is the ability to take a photo inside the app, and then scroll through the various filters to have an overlay of where you are.
I was pleased I could answer keynote speaker Alex Banayan’s question of audience members at ILTM (international luxury travel mart) in Mexico last week. (Thank you, Ciara!) Alex says that geo-filters are one of the coolest trends in travel, and these virtual postcards are replacing the printed ones. (You have to be at the actual location to have the geo-filter work.)
Here are some examples from my recent trips. Try it yourself. You can create personalized postcards and memories of your travels.

Of course, contact me to help get you to some really neat locations to try this out!

Sheila Gallant-Halloran