Luggage Tips

I was reading some travel tips for #traveltuesday on twitter, when I saw this from @MyMelange Travel Tip Tuesday : How to Avoid Surprise Bag Fees . Great tips!

And reading them reminded me to write up a couple of things I tell my clients:

*the old adage is still true: bring half the clothes, and twice the money. 

*know airline baggage policies and fees – as well as restrictions for size, weight, liquids, sports equipment  

*weigh your bags empty. Most rolling suitcases weigh 20-25 lbs before you start to pack.  (duffel bags weigh ~nothing)

*carry on essentials – have medicine, a toothbrush, a bathing suit, and a change of clothes

*think about the # of black suitcases on every luggage carousel- how will yours stand out?

*know whether you can carry everything you’re packing by yourself. If you can’t, leave it.

*be leary of putting your home address on the outside of your suitcase – some prey at airport queues, use biz addy

*have your contact info on the inside of your bag

*always have some empty ziplock bags, extra bandages, and electrical tape with you when you travel – varied uses

*think of the carpenter’s credo “measure twice, cut once” ==> list twice, pack once