Want to do something fun today? Something you’ll love? Find “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix.

I promise you, watch an hour of his series, and it’ll put a smile on your face.

I was a huge Anthony Bourdain fan, and loved his “Parts Unknown” show. I still have some of my favourite episodes on pvr, and I pull them out to watch and savour now and then. I miss him on TV. I miss knowing he’s travelling the planet. He inspired

And while “Somebody Feed Phil” is nothing like “Parts Unknown” other than it focuses on travel and food, Phil Rosenthal is what we need as this pandemic goes on. Anthony, I loved you and your take – but – even I can admit you could be a little dark. Phil Rosenthal is not like that at all.

Phil Rosenthal was the creator of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” tv show, and he brings such a joy and lightness to his TV show, you will want to visit and experience everything he is doing on the TV screen. See Somebody Feed Phil

I’m part way through season 1 – there are 4 seasons, so you have plenty of episodes so you can pace yourself . Watch the first couple, and if you’re not immediately hooked (which I doubt), you will be when you watch his episode on Lisbon. See Phil – Lisbon

The episode guide for Lisbon says: “Phil savors Lisbon’s famed pasteis de nata tarts, tours the city in a motorcycle sidecar and dines with a chef at his Michelin-starred restaurant.”

As the Portugalist site says:

Lisbon is a city that has attracted TV chefs and personalities from all over the world. The late Anthony Bourdain was probably the first personality to really put Lisbon on the map, and since then he’s been joined by the likes of British TV chef Rick Stein and now Phil Rosenthal.

You may not have heard of Phil Rosenthal, but you’ll probably be familiar with his work: Everybody Loves Raymond. Phil wrote the show, which ran for 9 seasons and made Ray Romano a household name.

They give a guide to Portguese school here The Best Portuguese Food: 50+ Typical Dishes To Eat in Portugal

You can read where the episode visits in Lisbon here and I think the restaurant that I am longing to go to in Lisbon is Ponto Final.

See which notes: “WHAT IS PONTO FINAL? Ponto Final is a Portuguese waterfront restaurant in Almada, just across the Tagus River from Lisbon. To get there, you’ll need to take a 20-minute ferry ride from the Cais do Sodré ferry terminal in Lisbon.”

Give this a watch – and then watch the show


Let me know if you’d like to visit Lisbon! I have partners I work with around the world that we can build a customized trip for you (visiting where Phil visited – or more besides) – and – of course, we can add on a river cruise of the Douro river too!