Lindblad's Expedition's "Friend for Life" Program

Friends for Life with Lindblad Expeditions
A fantastic promo 
I have wonderful news. The 3 Lindblad Polynesian expeditions are entitled to Lindblad’s Friends for Life program.
Friends for Life is a program that is combinable with the Vision private sale cruise dates for the 3 Polynesian dates below – but – it is also applicable to other dates for these sailings.

As a Friend For Life you will receive:

*10% off all future expeditions for life
* 10% shipboard discounts on the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic fleet


: the ability to lend your 10% expedition discount to afamily member or friend of your choosing


Legacy rights: The privilege of handing down your Friend For Life status to your children and grandchildren

What does it mean? Take one of the Polynesian sailings, and you will be a FFL for future sailings – so, if you’re thinking a trip to Galapagos is in your extended family’s planning, you can use this discount for each of your family members!
Here are some terms and conditions:

Yes, the Friends for Life offer is for the longer South Pacific trips for 2018 and 19. They must complete the FFL designated departure prior to receiving membership. So if they book 2019 they will not be FFL until after they return from that trip in 2019.  (PLEASE NOTE that only the 2018 dates have the CAD Savings offer NOT 2019.)

The following are available for FFL membership
    1. Azure Seas From Tahiti to the Marquesas  2018 and 2019
    2. Epic Polynesia Cooks Islands to Fiji 2018 only
    3. Tales of the Pacific Easter Island to Tahiti 2018 and 2019

How cool is this?!

Contact me – let’s get this booked!
Sheila Gallant-Halloran