International Luxury Travel Mart 2016

I attended International Luxury Travel Mart (ILTM) Americas at the Fairmont Mayakoba last week.

What a wonderful industry trade show! It’s my second year being a “hosted buyer,” at the ILTM Americas. Being a “hosted buyer” means that the organizers of the trade show “hosted” me (paid my way to come and for my week to be there) to be a “buyer.”
Essentially, the whole trade show was constructed for me and the other 299 travel advisors who were invited from around the world to come to Mexico so that we could meet the exhibitors, and learn and listen about the products and wares on display. It was an honour to meet the travel suppliers from around the world. It was an honour to be there to research your next vacation!
It goes without saying (but, as an old actuarial colleague of mine used to say, probably goes even better with it being said) that for a travel advisor like me to even receive an invite to be a “hosted buyer” at ILTM, I have to have proven myself by working with a luxury-focused client base, achieving consistent and sustained top-notch sales and revenue, and amassing a history of solid positive reviews from both clients and supplier partners about their experiences working with me. I have been honoured to meet that criteria again and again, thanks to my work with wonderful clients like you. I love my job, and love helping to curate your travel dreams.
I did meet with oodles of adventurous partners and hoteliers from the Americas. and further afield at ILTM. I met so many wonderful partners, toured wonderful hotels, and networked with all to research your next vacation  While it’s exotic to be whisked away to Mexico for a week, days typically start before 6 am and end around 11 pm, and during coffee breaks, I’m catching up on client issues. There isn’t a lot of downtime. But I love it. I love the adrenalin rush. I love learning about new ideas and new products. I love thinking of clients like you when I’m learning about a new luxury camp adventure in the Atacama desert or a new residence hotel in New York City. It’s exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time.
I did get to quickly visit a beach or two – generally at the end of a working lunch or site inspection..  I had to check out the quality of the sand for you too, right? 🙂
Here’s a little clip of the beach at Fairmont Mayakoba.

I have more details below of some of the partners that I’ve met.

But please contact me. I can orchestrate your travel dreams, and help you embrace your luxury side. After all, luxury is not about the price or the over-the-top amenities so much as luxury is what you don’t have to worry about!
Don’t worry! Contact me!
Best regards,