Inspiring the Next Generation of Sustainable Travelers

I started the week with my partner, Ashish Sanghrajka, President of Big Five Tours coming to Ottawa for the day.
Ashish and I have been working together for years, crafting special experiences for my clients. Ashish is also a very passionate speaker, and a true advocate for Sustainable Tourism, and conservation in general. He and Big Five Tours have won Virtuoso (my luxury travel network’s) “Sustainable Tourism Leadership” award twice. So, I wanted to put him in front of as many people as possible to spread the inspiration and enthusiasm.
Before a scheduled tv interview, and 2 client events, I got him to come right from the airport to visit my daughter’s school, Elmwood. Ashish gave a truly inspiring talk to the grade 4 and 5 students.
He started by asking them who their superheros were. After hearing names like Super Man and Bat Woman, he told the young ladies they were his superheros.
Ashish had heard of their work on energy conservation, their fostering orphan elephants, and their efforts to save the monarch butterfly. He applauded their efforts, and told them they were the leaders of the world.
He also shared the successes of 7 and 8 year old Olivia and Carter Ries with their One More Generation foundation, as well as 13 year old Richard Turere’s saving his Kenyan family’s cattle from lions using flashlights.  If these young people can make a difference in the world, then surely what the young ladies at Elmwood are starting can have just a big impact.
Ashish encouraged them to use their sharp brains to think of new approaches to problems.
The girls, the teachers, and I were all inspired; and Ashish left feeling truly energized. It was a great way to start the day.
 Let’s all go make the planet a better place!
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